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Spend your design efforts on fixing the climate crisis, at a startup with a culture that brings out the best in people.
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 Your experience is needed. Take the chance to work on something important, help us solve the climate crisis. We need your help to shape the digital tools that people use to understand the climate impact of food.


You would probably like it here if you identify as a UX- or product designer, and you would complement the team nicely if you are driven by getting the details right, and setting up a design system rather than abiding by it. If you are a user oriented visual designer with experience in UI-design, then that could also be awesome. This early in our journey towards greatness, honestly - we could use a boost in either of those areas.

What working at CarbonCloud is like

CarbonCloud is a Gothenburg based, venture capital backed, Software-as-a-Service, climate tech-startup in the food domain. That means we aim really high with what we want the service to achieve, because the problem we are addressing is that large, important and urgent. And we think the way of doing that is to offer a creative environment where people can thrive and do their best work. 

Flexible remote at CarbonCloud means that we all live around Gothenburg and as a basis meet at the office, but can work from home or anywhere for single days or shorter periods when that makes life easier. During Corona more of the work happens remotely, and about half of the people show up at the office, and half work from home. We expect to switch back to meeting more in person at the office as the restrictions are lifted.

We take time off, have lunch and do fika together at the office, and also remotely. Some go for a run or the outdoors gym together during lunch. We do getaways on work hours. You have a ton of bright and kind colleagues who love a good discussion on a nerdy subject. 


What you are signing up for:

  • The chance to apply your design skills and efforts to the greatest challenge of this generation, the climate crisis.
  • Working at a quickly growing startup with a clear vision, where you will take part in exploring the best path forward. Building the right thing is more important than building things perfectly at this stage.
  • Designing in the intersection between user needs and organisation goals. The success of a design is judged by the impact it has when put to use, not how shiny it looks in a demo. 

What you need to have

  • Experience of working as something like a UX-, Product - or UI Designer. We are looking for great parts to our no-instruction Lego model product team, and there are several possible combinations of skills that can work out. 
  • The capacity to manage uncertainties, and move forward with a hypothesis. We do frontier pushing products in a rapidly moving field. A willingness to let designs fail fast in order to improve in the next iteration will get you far.
  • A generalist toolbox. We tackle both business and consumer facing digital UI:s, we do climate labels that get printed on a wide range of food packages across the world, or end up printed on building sized billboards. We design for web sites, web apps, social media campaigns and blog posts. Being a jack of all trades helps. Or expert on a few of them...

Some of the products you will be tinkering with

UI mockup mounted macbook.png

Our web tool to help food producers calculate the climate footprint of their products by mapping out their value chain. Empowering users to do life cycle analysis without being an expert at anything other than their own production and value chain. 

Climatesearch doublephone.png The public facing hub, where footprints on the CarbonCloud platform are presented in detail to the world. 

On tools: We are currently using Adobe XD and the rest of Creative Cloud, but that could change down the road.  Computer brand is up to you. As a rule of thumb, you pick the tools that work best for you. 

To ensure we get the best possible match we will use theoretical and practical work-related tests during the recruitment process. More info about this will follow later on.

We usually respond within three days

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!



Vera Sandbergs allé 8
411 33 Göteborg Directions

Perks & Benefits

It's still early in the CarbonCloud journey towards a global network of climate footprints for food, so we don't have fussball tables, free snack machines or a barista. The coffee machine is actually two stairs down, so walking there almost counts as a workout. We are offering some other kind of perks, that we hope matter even more.

  • Work on the biggest issue of our generation

    Your time is precious. Spend it where it matters.

  • Lots of room to shape your work

    We expect You to know You best. In general, you get to pick your tools and decide how to make the most of them.

  • Get better together

    You'll be working closely with motivated people that joined the company since they want to change the world. But we are doing something very new, and we are figuring it out together as we go. Sharing mistakes and learnings makes us better at this.

Workplace & Culture


Working here is a great way to try out new things and push your comfort zone, if you want to. We don't have a specialist in every area yet, counting on the team being flexible and stepping in wherever needed. Some of us stick to our ordinary job descriptions, but we also have developers trying out sales, and designers doing marketing.

We are flexible with hours and remote work where needed, trusting everyone to do their best to work in a way that's effective. We're currently doing a mixed setup with some people working remotely full time. We are looking forward to working together at the office after the pandemic!


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