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  • Working here I get to reflect on interesting methodological questions, and influence how we put the science into practical use. It is fun to be part of the early stages of the development of the company and our product.

    Emma Jonson

    Customer Success / Scientist

  • We use Haskell and try to save the world. The leadership understands what it takes to create long term stable software. The backlog is fresh, there are always 10-20 tickets in it, and they are prioritized properly. We sell trust, and as such everyone cares about software quality. I love it.

    Jonathan Moregård

    Haskell Developer

  • I love the ambition level at CarbonCloud – to put a climate label on every food product in the world and change the priorities of the food industry is ambitious, but not close to impossible. I get to work with food companies all over the world that want to take control over their climate footprint. The user interface of CarbonData is one of our highest priorities and I’ve noticed that our customers like working in the tool. This makes my work supporting them fun and easy. I also enjoy being part of the continuous improvement of the user experience. My colleagues are a mixed crowd of mindful, smart and fun people – I’m happy that I get to experience working at a relatively young start-up. I like being part of building the company and that I get the opportunity to take part in collective decisions on how we form our organisation and culture at CarbonCloud.

    Pia Henoch

    Customer Success

  • Working here is time incredibly well spent. I think we have a proper chance to move a big part of the food industry towards doing better on the climate. People deserve to know the climate footprint of the food they buy. And I get to spend my time making that happen. Clever and kind colleagues, a worthy goal, lot's of room to decide how to solve a problem, and a strong sense of momentum. My work gets put to use quickly, which is also very rewarding.

    Fredrik Påhlman

    User Experience Designer

  • I believe people cherish our environment and thus strive to lead more eco-friendly lifestyles. And while flying less, choosing bikes over cars, recycling, and so on are all undoubtedly very important, most of our individual environmental impact actually stems from our food. At CarbonCloud we strive to put a recognizable, accurate and foolproof climate label on all foods so that every meal can become an informed and eco-friendly choice. We'll literally change the world if we succeed. That's exciting and that's why I work here! Also, my colleagues are pretty sweet.

    Shahin Mameghani

    Dev Ops

Workplace & Culture

Workplace & Culture