Product Development


Our main offer is CarbonData, a SAAS product that allows food producers to do inexpensive and correct climate calculations for their food products. Suppliers can publish their numbers, allowing down stream food producers to use their numbers as part of their own calculations. The end goal? A global network that helps companies, governments and organizations direct their efforts to fix the climate.

We take the time needed to keep the code base manageable, touching up code over time to make sure it doesn't rot.
Seeing as our business change rapidly, we avoid over-engineering stuff and building ourselves into holes.

The code-base should be friendly to the developers and a tool to make new awesome features - not a sleeping beast you do not want to disturb. We are going to keep ours that way.


Tech-stack in a nutshell

  • Haskell

  • Elm

  • Purescript

  • Cloud-only

  • CI/CD - several deploys a day

  • Well tested and stable


Vera Sandbergs allé 8
411 33 Göteborg Directions


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