David Bryngelsson

David Bryngelsson

CEO, Co-founder, PhD

PhD David Bryngelsson has been CEO of CarbonCloud since its inception and has successfully taken the company through the bootstrapping phase the way up to backing of international venture capital and the mission of changing how the global food industry thinks about food and climate. With a deep understanding of the details in the science behind climate change and food production combined with a business mind he has a unique ability to package the science in ways to make it available and relevant for the food industry. 

Before CarbonCloud, David worked as researcher on climate change mitigation at Chalmers University of Technology for 8 years. His academic publication list is available at Google Scholar. Besides research and teaching, David was a much appreciated public speaker who actively communicated through media and lectures about climate change and mitigation possibilities.

The step from science to entrepreneurship has been a natural step on a journey of first becoming an expert in the domain and now actively working on making the same knowledge accessible for those who need to make the changes we need to solve climate change, the producers and the consumers.



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