David Bryngelsson

David Bryngelsson

CEO, co-founder

David has been CEO of CarbonCloud since its inception three years ago and has successfully launched two services to the market for climate footprint calculations on food, while increasing revenue year on year by over 2.5x. The first service, CarbonAte, has helped the food service industry be transparent and reduce their climate footprints through a user friendly webb tool. The second service, CarbonData, revolutionises the life cycle assessment industry by replacing specialised consultants with a web-service that makes climate footprint assessments quicker, more compatible, updated and more accessible. CarbonData helps the global food industry work with their climate footprints and rewords climate improvements regardless of where in the value chain they are made.

Before CarbonCloud, David worked as researcher on climate change mitigation at Chalmers University of Technology for 8 years. Besides research and teaching, David was a much appreciated public speaker who actively communicated through media and lectures about climate change and mitigation possibilities.

The step from science to entrepreneurship has been a natural step on a journey of first becoming an export on the domain and now actively working on making the same knowledge accessible for those who need to make the changes we need to solve climate change, the producers and the consumers.


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